Thai Fruit Export
thai fruit export
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Thai Fruit Export Products Durian is Known as King of Thai fruits, durian is distinctive with aroma and taste. It is available in the Eastern and Southern provinces throughout the year (peak season from May to August). There are various types: Golden pillow (Monthong), Long-stem (Khan Yaow) and Gibbon (Chanee). The best durian is selected by the thickness of flesh and the size of seed.

Longan Growing mostly in the Northern provinces of Thailand (during April - May) and Chantaburi (during November - February), a province in Eastern, Longan is round with brown peel and sweet and juicy tasted. Usually, it is exported fresh and dried to major markets such as China, Indonesia and Europe countries.

Mangosteen Considered as Queen of Tropical Thai Fruits, mangosteen has white flesh and reddish purple outer shell. It is available between November and March, in the eastern and Southern provinces.

Lychee or Litchi is a red- peeled fruit, widely planted in Northern provinces of Thailand: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Pha Yao. It has sweet and sour taste with lovely smell. Usually Lychee is available during April to May. The three main varieties grown all originated in China, and have names reflective of their homeland: Hong Huay, Ow Hia and Gim Jeng.