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Company Profile

Established in 1990, Success Import & Export Co., Ltd. is one of leading import-export companies in Thailand. The company has experienced and operated in import-export business more than a decade. We provide you with premium quality of tropical Thai fresh fruits all year round such as durian, longan and mangosteen, etc. We guarantee that our products are the best quality control with GMP and hygienic standard packing process. Therefore, you can ensure that our products can meet your expectation and satisfaction.

We do also import directly fresh fruits for example apple, pear, grape and Shatang madarin orange, etc. from China to Thailand.  Our import products mostly are available at our main distribution centre "Talaad Thai" (Thai Market),

Including effective transport services, we serve you by sea, land and air. You are confident that the products will be delivered to you on-time.

Company Brand
In china, we export fresh fruits under the Chinese mark "ZHENG" to our Chinese distributor centre in Guangzhou, China.

While in Indonesia, we cooperate with a foreign supplier company to export our products under brand "ANT".




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